We are always amazed with the great results we get from washing gorgeous oriental wool rugs.  Wool is one of the best and most durable fibers in the world and it is also very dramatic to see the results of a quality cleaning from The Rug Wash.

Rugs can hide a lot of dirt and soil that most rug owners do not even know exists.  On a day to day basis, it is hard to see how dirty rugs are getting.  Rugs may even appear to be clean when they are not.  In fact, dust and soil can often accumulate up to 1 lb per square foot!

Usually, by the time you notice it is time to clean the rug, it is already starting to look faded and the colors are less vibrant. 

If your rug is in a high traffic area, you are probably going to want to clean it at least once a year, especially if you wear shoes in the house.

One thing for certain is that you don’t want to trust your fine oriental rug cleaning to just anyone!  Take your beautiful masterpieces to a rug cleaner that truly cares about your rugs and recognizes their value.

Some of the common problems that happens when rugs are not cleaned often enough is the following: fringe wearing out, split sides or unravelling edge, moth damage, mildew or dry rot or pet stains.

Regardless of these things, The Rug Wash can help.

Using our special top of the line rug dusting machine, we can thoroughly remove the dust and particles.  Once we have dusted the rug, we are able to begin our state-of-the-art cleaning system.

  1. Dust and particle removal
  2. Fully immerse your rug in water
  3. Application of eco-friendly, chemical free soaps
  4. Deep cleaning
  5. Removal of excess water
  6. Drying process
  7. Fringe grooming and detailing