So you bought a silk rug and you’re wondering how often you need to clean it?  Well, it really depends on where you have it placed in your home and how much traffic it receives.  Silk rugs, unlike their wool cousins are usually a very fine weave and as such need a little bit more care especially in their cleaning.  Silk fiber can be as strong as steel.  However, it can also be more delicate especially when it comes to stains.

These gorgeous silk pieces of art have a natural shine and a smooth soft texture that does not compare to others.  Cleaning silk rugs requires a special technique, as fibers can lose their strength when they’re wet!  We understand that silk can also stretch while wet, which can harm your rug in the long term.  Thus we take extra special precautions when washing silk.

We care for your silk rug like it is a beautiful piece of art.  Some people like to keep their silk rugs on the walls, which of course do not require much cleaning at all if that is where they are kept. 

Even though it is a centuries old art of beating rugs to remove dust, we have upgraded the process to be fast, efficient and thorough.  This is a safe technique for silk and/or wool rugs.

Before your rug is washed in our special pH balanced cleaning solution, we ensure that we remove the dust.  We use our state-of-the-art dusting machine that causes dust particles rise up and get sucked through a vacuum. 

If you love silk rugs the way we do, they are likely on the floor and getting walked on which is what they were made for!  Like any rug on the floor, it is going to pick up dirt and the possibility of stains are higher if you have it in a main room with lots of traffic. 

At The Rug Wash, we love washing rugs because that is what we do!  Silk rugs are no exception.  Because we adore rugs and are 3rd generation rug enthusiasts, we are going to take really good care of your masterpieces.