As 3rd generation rug dealers and enthusiasts, we have years of experience in professional preservation of hand knotted rugs and hand woven rugs including family heirlooms and antique rugs. 

We provide excellence in rug repair and restoration services including the following:

  • Worn fringes
  • Holes
  • Torn areas
  • Moth damage
  • Selvage/edge wear


We provide free inspection of all client’s rugs in need of repair or restoration where we provide detailed explanations of the repair and information about the cost involved.  As it is a laborious process and requires a truly skilled weaver, the following is how we treat a rug that requires restoration.

  • Find the right yarns to be used for repairs
  • Rebuild the damaged areas
  • Re-knot the pile while recreating missing or damaged areas
  • Weave weft to tighten knots
  • Bind the edges from fraying (selvages) if required
  • Rebuild fringes if required

A damaged area rug is unfortunate to see and can ruin the overall appearance of a room.  Don’t put it away in storage! Your rug deserves to be cleaned and repaired, back to its former glory. 

When deciding to get your oriental rug fixed, the first step is deciding how much or how little rug restoration is needed.  Oriental rugs can stand the test of time, except when it comes to damage by aging, pet accidents, or wear from being in a high traffic area. 

We use the best materials and craftsmanship to match your yarns and colors and do the best in oriental rug restoration services.