Organic Rug Cleaning

It’s 2020 and the time is NOW to be more environmentally conscious.  Consumers are definitely making the switch to more organic rug cleaning just as they are in their daily lives of buying organic food. 

With so many people being more sensitive to toxins and synthetic products, it is a relief to know that there are safe and green alternatives to the chemical ways of cleaning.

With The Rug Wash, you are guaranteed green rug cleaning methods, including using reclaimed water to avoid dirty runoff in our environment. 

We use specially formulated eco-friendly rug cleaning solutions that have no harmful chemicals, while providing your carpets the very best and most thorough cleaning possible.

We like to promote a healthy household and environment.  It is our daily goal to offer customers the safest and cleanest, healthy option for rug cleaning that helps you and your family.

Because we do not use harsh chemicals, we actually achieve better results than the chemical treatments.  Eco-friendly doesn’t mean less clean – it means CLEANER, without the risk of dangerous residues left behind that get picked up by your pets or your family members.

Our organic rug cleaning system is environmentally friendly in a variety of ways.  The amount of water that is used is much less than typical rug washing environments.  We reclaim the water and continuously use European technology cleaning methods on the water so that it can be reused safely and effectively on all carpets washed at The Rug Wash.

Our eco-friendly and sustainable rug washing system creates less waste and gives your rugs the very best clean you can imagine.  Why go anywhere else?