As you already know, oriental rugs are special and you probably spent a good amount of money to purchase them because they are exquisite pieces of art.  If this is so, why does your dog not know that this is not the place for him or her to pee?  You may think it is random or that your dog has decided that this is their pee spot.

There is nothing random about it.  Dogs have an incredible keen sense of smell.  In fact, they are 10,000 times better at smelling scents than us humans.  As they are territorial, they can smell other animals very well.  The “wool” rugs especially are prone to this as the dog can still smell the animal it was sheered from and want to mark their territory.

Also, oriental rugs tend to be very absorbent, especially the wool ones.  This makes it very convenient for the dog to feel right at home on the rug because the urine is absorbed. You may ruin your own rug, if you try to remove the urine salt crystals by trying over the counter products.  As well, if you don’t remove the smell, the chances are highly likely that your dog will want to re-offend and pee on the rugs again. 

Urine salt crystals can be very damaging to rugs, as they break down rug fibers, cause dry rot and weaken the foundation. Without anything to stop him, how will you keep him off?

This is why you take your rug into the experts to get cleaned.  We use special natural enzyme-action solutions that neutralize the odor and cause the dog to not want to pee on the rug again.


One of the most common errors when animals have accidents is to get the rug steam cleaned.  This is the #1 worst thing you can do for your oriental rug, especially if it is wool or silk.  The steam cleaning will actually strip the wool of its natural lanolin and break down the fiber.  The rug may look clean after you pick it up, but it will never be the same again.  It destroys the natural luminosity and will cause the rug to shed and lose its fibers over time. 

In addition, the urine will actually get spread around and not cleaned properly, giving you a rug that is actually still dirty, but looks clean and now it is actually ruined!

Just don’t do it!  Removing urine stains requires a professional touch, which is why The Rug Wash is such a good choice for your rug cleaning needs.  Always get your oriental rugs handled by experts.