DEODORIZING & SANITIZINGYour rugs are timeless investments and pieces of art which is why we take special care and attention to clean them with the best organic and environmentally friendly solutions.

If your area rugs have been exposed to extreme soil conditions such as animal urine, smoke, mold or mildew, in many cases the rug needs to be discarded.  However, rugs that have emotional or intrinsic value are worth the cleaning effort. 

With our deodorization methods, we are able to remove, not cover up, most, if not all of the odors in your rug.  By utilizing eco-friendly washing agents and enzymes, we can naturally remove the source of the odors and restore the rug like it was never soiled.

Before we start the process of deodorization, we need to fully clean the rug.  Prior to the wash your rug is properly dusted with our special dusting machine. 

Using our modern European patented tools and equipment, we provide the very best and thorough cleaning process that is also very gentle on the rugs. 

The washing phase utilizes a special pH balanced organic rug shampoo to deeply clean the rug.  Once the shampoo is done, it is rinsed and dried.  This allows us to apply the deodorizing treatment which adds a layer of freshness to your rug making it less interesting to your furry companions.

With our advanced European equipment specially designed for the cleaning of oriental rugs, we provide a thorough and gentle cleaning.  We wash your oriental rug based on the particular fibers, dyes and construction.

Oriental rugs are naturally absorbent in nature, thus the fibers may pick up a variety of odors over time.  If you have pets, this is the most common odor.  Pet fur and dander can leave a musty smell on rugs over time.  When fur and dander are combined with humidity, it can create a lingering smell, which requires professional cleaning.  The Rug Wash can properly deodorize your rugs without any harsh chemicals, using only natural and biodegradable enzyme-based products.

This natural wash can remove all types of pet smells including fur, dander, vomit and urine.  Our enzyme cleaner along with other organic washes remove odors and restore your rugs completely.  We wash your rug according to its type, age, fiber, thickness and origin.

Other Smells

Even if you do not have pets, you may still find your rug having a strange smell.  As the majority of quality rugs have natural fibers, these fibers can absorb years of dust, dirt and debris which contribute to an “old rug” smell. 

Choosing to keep your rug cleaned regularly, prevents these types of odors.  Thus, we recommend having your rug washed every 3-5 years, unless it is in a high traffic area where you may wish to get it cleaned more often.