An oriental rug is usually the rooms centerpiece.  It’s the art on the floor designed to complement the furniture and create character, creating a beautifully decorated space.  This piece of art needs to be treasured and given proper care and attention.

The best way to keep your rugs looking gorgeous for years to come is to get them professionally cleaned.  Don’t shorten the lifespan of your rugs without following the best procedures!

As you have likely spent a lot of money on purchasing your beautiful oriental rugs, it is wise to know how to keep them in good shape so they last you a lifetime. Let’s learn the most common mistakes people make when cleaning rugs.


Making the assumption that rugs don’t need cleaning, can create damage in the rugs you were not expecting to see.  Embedded dirt, dust and sand can ruin fibers over time and cause areas to get thin and worn out.  Regular cleaning can fix this.  In fact, at The Rug Wash, you can arrange for regular cleaning of your rugs that are scheduled.

Also, in getting them cleaned regularly, it also allows for regular inspection of your rugs for moths and rug beetles or other anomalies.  As well, if there has been excess moisture in the rug from a spill, this can also weaken the fibers of your rug, rot the foundation and cause damage.

Avoid damage to your rugs by getting them professionally cleaned and maintained.


This is a big factor in ruining rugs.  We have witnessed rugs that have been ruined by using improper products.  For instance, if the cleaning solution is too alkaline, this can be caustic to wool fibers.  And bleach on any rug is an absolute no-no, especially when it comes to wool or silk.

Attempting to clean quality rugs on your own with grocery store brand cleaners is likely create more harm than good. 

At The Rug Wash, we use potent eco-friendly cleaning solutions that do the very best in washing your rugs without any harm to the rug, you and your family.


Rugs are meant to be walked on and washed.  Getting a rug thoroughly cleaned means getting it wet thoroughly.  As most oriental rugs are naturally resistant to stain due to the lanolin oil content in wool, this means they need to be fully submerged in water in order to get the best and most thorough cleaning.  This will loosen and release dirt from the bottom of the rug.  When you get your rug washed at The Rug Wash, both sides of the rug are cleaned and thus your rug is thoroughly submerged and cleaned.